When I was 29 I started hearing voices.  Ha, it makes me laugh now to think of how it freaked me out.  I was completing my Masters in Counselling Psych at the time.  I immediately thought, "I can't tell anyone about this" 

On this day when some...

September 20, 2016

Well, I faced my greatest fear and I didn't die.  There were many moments
in the days and hours before that it seemed surely I would.

Now here I am out the other side of a threshold in my life and business,
it's like I've been reborn again.  Seems like another chance...






Nutritionist Sharon Pendlington interviews me on anxiety.  Find her at www.personalnutrition.ca


There's some useful tips and a different perspective here if you can bear with the sound blips.  I'll figure out if that's Google Hangouts or my computer and get it fixed!...

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