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What if you could access sacred knowledge within you?  What if you were blissfully grateful for your body and for being a woman?  What if you viewed yourself with reverance and acted as such?


Goodbye judgements, goodbye wasted time comparing yourself, goodbye trying to squeeze your thoughts, feelings, and desires into misguided expectations.  Hello confidence, clarity and ease in yourself and your womanhood.  Hello to your more lively, juicy life!


I know what it's like to force yourself into a worldview that doesn't work for a woman's soul.  I know what it's like to try to control your body, hold back your emotions, passion or voice and imagine that somehow you're doing it all wrong.


Want some deep relief?  


After 20 years of hearing women of all ages share stories and struggles about their bodies, minds, emotions and habits, I've tried and tested hundreds of practices.  Let me save you years of time and share these simple, essential skills.  Learn them and practice consistently to finally release self-judgement and self-blame..  From this, vitality soars and unshakeable self-worth arises effortlessly.  


Join me in the next online group Sexual Awakening for Evolving Women or for the personalized Sacred Power of Womanhood Program for massive a-ha's, relief, acceptance and connection.  I'm here as your guide, mentor, and accountability partner.  Email me here  to have a conversation or commit!









Sexual Awakening for Evolving Women: 

Living your passion, power and pleasure.

A 5 week online group program

Connect to a level of vitality, ease & pleasure that few women today know how to access.

Remember what you have forgotten about your worth.


Small group format facilitated live online.  (groups of 3-6)

This is not a recording, I am teaching and facilitating each of these 1.5 hr. modules.  


5 week curriculum

Week 1:  Voice.  Confidence.  Choice.

Why we hold back and hide. 

Connect to what has been lost or dishonored.  

Relationship of Voice and Choice to ease and comfort in your body

Relationship of Voice and Choice to sex, pleasure and personal power.  


Week 2:  Boundaries.  Anger.  Vulnerability.  Value.  

Accessing and dropping the stories we learned.

Using anger as momentum & passion.  

Comfort with vulnerability.

Creating clear physical and emotional boundaries.  What to do with boundary violations.

Relationship of Boundaries, Anger & Vulnerability to sex, pleasure, security & personal power.


Week 3:  Strength.  Power.  Security.  Cycles.

Where is your power?  What is it?

Reconnect to the strength and power in your body.

Relationship of strength and power to sex and pleasure.

Committ to the sacred power of womanhood.

Practices for expanding power and vitality in your body.

Week 4:  Sensuality.  Beauty.  Value.

Enjoying your body.

Making the choice to be sensual.  What is sensuality?

Choosing your value & taking action.

Relationship to our feminine nature, sex, pleasure and womanhood.

Week 5:  Sex.  Self-worth. Pleasure.  **3 hour live-in-person group for week 5**

Who is your body for?  How to speak and act so others honor you.

Who took your worth?  Healing old experiences and beliefs.  

Who is responsible for your pleasure?

The roadmap to accessing and dropping the stories we learned.


Summary and vision moving forward.


Feel connected, inspired and invigorated as you leave each session with a new skill practice and a team of cheerleaders behind you.  


Live Online

Thursdays, 7:45-9:15pm PST

Oct. 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

Week 5 date TBA

5 week daily practice worksheet included

9 hours with me in a small group on these themes.  Value $1485

Exercises and skill practices tested & proven to move women INTO their bodies and OUT of struggle.  $2000

Email follow-ups to support your intentions and action  Value $450

Templates, exercises and skill practices available to you if you miss any content.


Years of saved time in trying to like yourself, exude confidence or enjoy sex:  UNQUANTIFIABLE




**GUARANTEE:  If you take this program, follow through on all the practices

over 35 days and don't find immense benefit from our time together,

I'll happily refund your money!! ** 


Email to register.










Sacred Power of Womanhood Program

A personalized mentoring program


Embody ease and strength, connect to juice and passion, get clear and joyful again!


You can feel differently within weeks!  Lasting change does not have to take years.

Capitalize on the two decades I have had in working with women, researching and experimenting with what truly works for SUSTAINABLE change.  Shift perceptions, commit to action and watch for quick changes in thought, feeling and action.

3 sessions per month.

30 min. email/text support 

2 month or 6 session commitment required


Together we walk through 6 different essential skills so you can:


-move with ease through stress, anxiety and overwhelm

-identify & honor your needs & desires 

-unapologetically speak your truth

-connect to the cycles of the earth and your womanhood

-connect to your power source

-access more energy & vitality

-further heal old wounds

-tune into and live from the sacred power in your body


You don't have to hide or limit or push yourself anymore!  Commit to moving from the sacred power of your womanhood and living from a place of pleasure and ease today.

This program is for you if you want to:

-live with more confidence and strength

-access clarity with ease

-acknowledge your power and beauty as a woman

-express your voice confidently and consistently

-accept and move with ease through frustrations and anger

-let go of overworking and other harmful patterns

-honor your unique path

-release old stories 

-treat yourself with reverence

-embrace and enjoy your sexuality

-recognize your desires 

-embrace your right to pleasure and the joy of sensuality


Email here to get started


"Alexandra has a very peaceful presence that allows me to open easily and be heard.  She has an exceptional way of connecting with me on a deep level and is extremely intuitive which often supports the flow of our session. Alexandra’s impeccable memory is astounding; this makes me feel important, unique and cared about.  Much of my success I can owe to Alexandra’s guidance!  She is simply amazing and I am honored to have met her!"
Jenny Grad

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Alexandra for over 5 years and sought her out to gain greater awareness and to assist as both a professional and personal guide.  Her tremendous compassion and ability to listen, understand, focus and provide a safe and relaxing space to share my journey has allowed me to grow into the person I have become.


Her genuinity and teachings have brought me great insight and reward. I am forever thankful for all I have learned and continue to learn through Alexandra."

Christine Jackson

"Alexandra gave me space to be me, to have a voice, to be scared and angry, to consider changes I wanted to make in my life, and find the courage to do things differently.  Alex taught me to listen to my body, to sink deep into myself, to focus on breath and to trust my truth.  This is how I found the strength and certainty to make some big changes in my life such as stepping away from my career at the time and taking on the brave task of becoming a business owner. I went from being a shy and rather quiet woman to really jumping into my power, trusting my gut and becoming a leader. During this time there was also many personal obstacles I was being challenged with and it was Alexandra that I turned to to support me in finding clarity, direction and power to really lean into life."
Natasha Romero
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"Working with Alexandra has by far been the most transformative experience in my personal and professional life. Our sessions continue to help me build the authentic life I have always dreamed of. With Alexandra’s unwavering support, I know there is no challenge that I cannot conquer and I am thankful every day for the woman she is helping me become"

Trish T