Womb Power

Reclaiming the sacred body

This wisdom gathering intends to enlighten, inspire and invite women to pay attention to their bodies and womb.  


Our bodies are a source of vitality, inexhaustible strength and connect us to the well of wisdom and knowledge of generations.  They are a source of passion and rootedness.   Only each individual woman can drop the shame in her body and claim it's voice.  Because it has been devalued, denigrated and abused, the connections from our heart and voice to our womanhood, wisdom and womb have been cut.  However, it's power still pulses within and has much to teach.  

Armed with over 20 years of working with women as a healer, counsellor and college educator, Alexandra invites women to claim their pleasure, beauty, sensuality and voice and drop into their immense power and strength. 


Come with an open mind and leave with practical skills to enhance pleasure, connectedness and vitality. 

This is an opportunity to commune and be reminded of our gifts and blessings.  This is an opportunity I think our mothers and grandmothers would have wanted for us.

Tuesdays Jan. 9th-June 12th, 2018

2nd Tuesday of each month

Vancouver, BC


Email register to claim your seat.



$22 online

Womb Power: What's this group about? 

3 minute video here


"I appreciated the welcoming and safe environment Alexandra created.  

Hearing other women speak about their experiences was such a gift

- validating my own challenges and also providing inspiration and hope-

other possible ways to live an experience  my own womanhood."


"My key take away from the talk was to be more mindful and connected to my womb.  

One of the exercises I learned about will be used again in my practice.

Alexandra is very supportive and has a great calming energy which I find very grounding.  

Thanks!  I love how much knowledge she has to share."


"I feel awakened in my lower body, I feel fire and connection.  

Alexandra's invitation to awareness around female body and vagina is

very loving yet firm and direct.  I love the clarity of her energy."


"The talk really helped me to tap into a power source I had become disconnected with over time.  

I found the time connecting with her and the other women very grounding

and look forward to learning more about the gifts she has to share."


"My key take away from this talk is that I am always able to access and get in touch with

that energy that my body needs.  That the earth provides for what I need, that I don't need to 

have everything and then feel guilty for not being able to provide for myself.

I gain from Alexandra's teachings continuously self-love,

universal connection and how to be fully in tune with every cell of my body."




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"Working with Alexandra has by far been the most transformative experience in my personal and professional life. Our sessions continue to help me build the authentic life I have always dreamed of. With Alexandra’s unwavering support, I know there is no challenge that I cannot conquer and I am thankful every day for the woman she is helping me become"

Trish T