She's happier.
You're happier.
She wants more sex.


Ignite her desire 101 

How to increase the quality and frequency of sex with your partner 

A 3 week live webinar program for men who love women

Have your ever been taught how to pleasure a woman? Are you interested in giving your partner longer and more frequent orgasms?  Imagine how your relationship could be different when she wants more sex.


Imagine her happier, less complaining or nagging, and more at ease.  Less petty arguements and less tension between you.  She's  excited to see you, and more affectionate.  Imagine a more connected, soulful, sexual experience together.  Ignite her desire and watch life change!


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Group video chat facilitated live online.  

3 week curriculum

Week 1:  3 keys to increase her desire for sex & increase her appreciation and desire for you before you're in the bedroom.

1.  Simple skill to satiate her mentally and emotionally

2. Basics of how her desire works, before you're in the bedroom

3.  What she wants from you outside of sex, so she can feel desire for sex

Week 2:  3 challenges that come up for her in the midst of sex and how to handle them

1. Her impatience, frustration or tears

2. Her difficulty having orgasm

3. Her withdrawal or disinterest

Week 3:   Sex skills you need to increase pleasure for each of you

1.  Lengthening your stamina

2.  Lengthening the pleasure for her

3.  What to do so she's asking for more


Feel confident and invigorated as you leave each session with new skill practices and armed with game-changing new understanding about her and sex.


Live Online

Workbook included.

3 hours with me live in a small online group on these themes.  Value $495

Exercises and skill practices tested & proven to move women INTO their bodies and OUT of struggle.  $1000

Email follow-ups to support your intentions and action  Value $450

Templates, exercises and skill practices available to you if you miss any content.

BONUS: 1hr. individual or couples session to further enhance your confidence, learn new skills and/or deepen your connection.  Value $165


Years of saved time in wondering how to improve your sex life or please her or hoping it will just get better one day:  PRICELESS

Skills in how to talk to, understand and sexually connect with women: PRICELESS




**GUARANTEE:  If you take this program, follow through on all the practices

over the 3 weeks and don't find immense benefit from our time together,

I'll happily refund your money!! ** 


Email to register.

Power, Virility & Heart

Men's Individual Program

Private 1-1 counselling, coaching and mentorship for men.   

Mentorship, practices and skills to give you the results you want in:



Understanding what your partner wants



Letting go of past relationships

Letting go of shame or insecurity

2 month or 6 session commitment required.  

Results guaranteed.  

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"Working with Alexandra has by far been the most transformative experience in my personal and professional life. Our sessions continue to help me build the authentic life I have always dreamed of. With Alexandra’s unwavering support, I know there is no challenge that I cannot conquer and I am thankful every day for the woman she is helping me become"

Trish T