Sex Power & Love Podcast

Sex Power Love Episode #1:
How can I be more comfortable and confident in my body?

Here's one of the questions came up in a women's circle in Vancouver, BC where I live. 

You may feel uncomfortable because you don't like your body, or that this is all new for you - the practice, your partner, or maybe even it's the residue from a past lover or trauma that currently affects your confidence. 

Wherever you are, this podcast episode is for you. Listen below.




Alexandra Goldwell

How can I be more comfortable and confident during sex? - Sex Power Love Podcast
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"Working with Alexandra has by far been the most transformative experience in my personal and professional life. Our sessions continue to help me build the authentic life I have always dreamed of. With Alexandra’s unwavering support, I know there is no challenge that I cannot conquer and I am thankful every day for the woman she is helping me become"

Trish T