Accessing Intuition: 5 simple steps for busy people like you


In business and relationships, we all wouldn't mind a little more clarity.  When the mind fills with pros and cons about direction, relationships, or what to wear, decision making becomes heavy.


What if decisions were as clear as the summer blue sky? What if you felt the 'rightness' of what to do without a glimmer of doubt?


The learning

I learned how to ignore my body and to trade inner wisdom for external validation. I also learned that my options were to remain quiet and keep the peace or attempt to forcefully share my opinion.  Each of these patterns left me emotionally drained.  I was repeating what I had seen: overdoing and pushing to be heard or ignoring my voice.  Accessing intuition seemed impossible.  Adhering to the norms of the culture was easy and encouraged.



After recognizing the disastrous effects of ignoring my inner voice and remaining quiet in one too many situations, I began to seek. Through years of yoga, meditation, and mentorship, I came to realize how I had created and conceded to my own painful patterns.  With time and practice, I acquired skills that brought consistent connection to that inner wisdom called intuition.


Here's what I practice:



I need mental and physical spaciousness in order to tune in.  That means a minimum of 10 minutes to wind down from parenting and household to-do's, or 10 minutes away from screens or crowds.  Whether you find this space in the car, while walking or in a sacred space in your home, all that matters is that it works for you.



You may need three deep breaths to drop into your body one day and a full 15 minutes of focusing another day.  Consider the day, what you've been up to and who you've been around,…. it all affects how much time you may need to allow the brain waves to slow so you can access clarity easily.



You may be the type of person who has to move out some energy before you can sit for 10 minutes and access a relaxed place within yourself.  Awesome!  The better you know yourself, the easier it will be to create a relationship with your intuition that really works.  Run, dance, bike, or work-out to release the tension that can build up on any given day and prevent connection with intuition.  I find that some days I need movement and more time in order to slow down, other days, I can sit, take a few deep breaths and hear or feel the next step to take.



Insight doesn't come on your time.  Patience is a pre-requisite.  There will be some days when clarity comes within minutes and other times when you wait for days or weeks. Continue the habit of tuning in even when the answers you want don't come immediately. Engagement with intuition requires practice, trust and the ongoing cleaning or clearing out of the tension that accumulates in the body.  If the body is clogged up, insights will not be as easily accessible. Intentional breathing, time to yourself, and a mindful diet help to clear the inner cloudiness and make way for an unobstructed view.



Sometimes the question or issue you seek direction for is one you are very emotionally attached to which makes it more difficult to receive intuitive guidance or recognize it when it arises.  Again, knowing yourself is super helpful here and observing with curiosity over time is what develops self-knowledge.  After moving through these steps, take note of the thoughts, creative ideas, connections, or feelings that could be guiding you to a 'yes' or a 'no' in relation to your issue, or could be presenting hints of opportunities for a new path or turn to take.  Continue to practice mindfulness and self-observance.  Over time intuition will become loud and clear.


Why it matters:

Being the entrepreneurial minds and creative souls that we are, using intuition in our work and lives is essential for nurturing genius.  Years of training in logic and 'head-based' decision making may have body-based wisdom pass unnoticed or feel untrustworthy when it talks.  Because trusting the irrational, intuitive path goes 'against the grain', developing a more intimate relationship with intuition continually calls us to greater depths of courage.


I help heart centered professionals and visionaries like yourself attune consistently to the wisdom, confidence and ease that already resides inside.  Through perspective shift and simple, time-tested skill practices, we unlearn self-blame and learn to focus quickly and easily to access what is always there.  Book me for a FREE consultation today to check out of overwhelm, frustration and anxiety, and check INTO a peaceful, present, attuned YOU.  


Experiment, voice your hunches, and give thanks for that fabulous feminine essence that fuels you.  Your intuition is a gift!


Would love to hear your questions or comments about this post.  How do you access your intuition?

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