What I did with facing the unexpected and fear of failing

September 20, 2016

Well, I faced my greatest fear and I didn't die.  There were many moments
in the days and hours before that it seemed surely I would.

Now here I am out the other side of a threshold in my life and business,
it's like I've been reborn again.  Seems like another chance to start life
over with less fear.

Like I have, you've probably faced many things you were afraid of and felt
the relief, lightness or pride in yourself that can be experienced out the
other side.  I LOVE that!

It's one of the things that kept me going in the midst of fear.  My soul
had the knowing and trust that "I've done this before", "I have felt very
afraid and been in situations where I didn't know what was going to happen
and it all turned out ok.  I made it through."

I even told myself, "If you get up there and don't say anything or forget
all of it, people will forgive you, you'll forgive yourself.  It's ok."

This helped as well, I imagined the worst and knew it would be ok.  Sigh.
If you have worked with me, you've likely heard me say how important deep
exhalations with a sigh can be for a stressed nervous system.  I was
definitely walking my talk and sighing and humming and talking to my
panicked self like a loving mother.

How are you doing with this these days?  Is there a fear holding you back
right now?  Are you hesitant to try something or make a decision that is
really scary for you?

Can I help?

Share here http://www.alexandragoldwell.com/blog on the blog any fear that
are threatening to keep you away from your greatest self.  I know you can
face it.  You've done it before.

The greatest of love and courage to you,

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