The Gift of Anger

December 22, 2017


I've read a few posts this week related to irritation and anger and certainly felt some of my own. So anger is today's inspiration!


I love to shake up perspectives on anger cause it seems like such a struggle for many and certainly has been for me.  Our psyches hold much fear related to anger, and that fear has been warranted.  However, when we're not facing the reality of abuse or threat of harm, anger is simply a messenger.  And it's message is important!


When we are triggered by other people's anger, it's always a reflection. How you relate to your own anger has its own teaching.  A few questions that can be useful: Is your own anger wanting to speak?  Has your power been suppressed and is wanting to be seen?  Do you need to revisit some pain or fear from the past?  


What if we could view this powerful energy as a gift?  


There are three central ways to relate toward anger that have been super powerful for me.  Btw, people who knew me in my teens and in my early spiritual development viewed me as a very angry person. I probably went to study psychology as a teen because I was in so much pain due to my anger.


Now it's 20 years later and I've learned deeply from the East and the West, from continual investigation of the human mind and ego and my anger!  


The three central ways that I've found most effective to release the pain and attachment connected to anger are thus:


  1. Adopt a wildly rebellious attitude; view anger with deep compassion.  Unrelenting.  Without harm to your self or other, let it be.

  2. Understand that anger has two purposes. The first is to show you your power and passion. The second is to cover your pain.

  3. Go back to #1 and look again at the unbelievable force that you (and others) contain.  How does it want to be expressed, seen or heard?  Can you move it, dance it, make sound, write about it, create something, speak up....what can you do to open to the message underneath?  Then, with unrelenting compassion and love, look deeply. With your acknowledgement and presence it will dissolve.


I wish for you to go gently into those dark and sometimes scary places brothers and sisters. Talk, get support, move, breathe and let go of your parents and grandparents beliefs and pain.  Even when no one else does, I love your anger.  You are loved.  In all of it.


Facing our power, passion and pain is the way.  We need you.  


With love,




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