Healing, sex energy, and the new world

January 4, 2018


I spend time contemplating our human power and potential.  My career began as a life long study in 'Why do humans suffer?', turned into an inquiry as to 'What is the human potential?', then moved to, 'How can we heal most quickly?'  'How can we evolve to a completely different level of understanding?'


The reason for the suffering question was obvious, I saw and felt suffering, pain and unhappiness everywhere as a child.  I became driven to understand it.  The human potential question is based on the assumption that we carry potential as a species far beyond what we are expressing right now.  There is tonnes of evidence available now that demonstrates how we can grow, heal ourselves, perform amazing feats, demonstrate phenomenal creativity and express transformative love.   I was then driven to the question as to ‘Why are we not pursuing our undiscovered and unexpressed potential?’  This became the new driving force, the motivation for learning.  Upon investigation, answers to this also became obvious, and probably are to you as well.  Our fears, habits, ideas and thoughts about ourselves and others get in the way.  


The remaining questions, ‘How can we heal most quickly? How can we evolve to a completely different level of understanding?’, have been super fun to investigate over a number of years. There are countless healing modalities, numerous healers and books, thousands of podcasts and videos in our world today.  Travel and internet have brought cultures together and exposed us to more options than we can ever hope to experience.  


The passionate learner in me has drawn upon and received benefit from countless methods while the meditator in me curiously observed the methods and their effects on my mind, body and soul.  I was and am interested in true health or alignment.  When I speak of health here, it refers to how I have come to understand it; vitality of mind, clarity of emotions, vibrant physical wellness and spiritual alignment to Truth.  What I have come to know as Truth is the Oneness, or the unity of all things.  


Here’s a synopsis of what I’ve observed as a healer and continue to see evolving in the healing arena.  I think of our shifting and growth on the planet as a process of surrendering Old World ideas and being willing to open to New World thinking.  Here's a few examples of my perspectives on Old World/New World paradigms related to health.


Old World myth

Someone else will fix it


New World truth

There are always those with more experience who can help.  Asking for help will be necessary.

Sustainable wellness will require my full participation and willingness.  


Old World myth

Some things just can’t change


New World truth

With belief, the right tools, support and consistency, I have no idea what is possible.  


Old World myth

Being physically healthy is different from being mentally healthy or emotionally healthy.


New World truth

The mental, emotional, physical and spiritual system is ONE system that requires interconnected flow for true health.  When one part of the system is indicating dis-ease or discomfort, the answers are available within the whole.

Because we are the first generation (in a long, long, long time) to know this truth, we are at the beginning of remembering how to align all systems effectively and efficiently.  It takes time and personal investigation to remember.  There is much support available.


Old World myth

If I change my thoughts, I can change my world.


New World truth

New thoughts are necessary but are only one part of what is necessary for change.  

New action must be taken.  Willingness to look at old thoughts and past emotions or belief systems will be necessary.  Old belief systems are not eradicated by new thoughts.

Old thoughts are held in the body and the body must be moved, breathed and worked with to release old thoughts and beliefs.  


Old World myth

Being sexual is not spiritual

My sexuality has nothing to do with my health

Expressing yourself sexually is unnecessary or something to keep hidden.


New World truth

The current generation has no interest in continuing the shame and guilt they inherited about sex.

Sex energy is life energy.

Life is sacred, sex is sacred.

Expressing our sexual selves is a natural part of being human.


Incorporating sex into healing is a new frontier.  Openly acknowledging our need for sex, its pleasure and our expression of it, is still rebellious.  A large part of our collective wants to believe that it doesn’t matter or that we don’t have to ‘go there’.  Yup, we do.  If we want to see our potential as spiritual beings having a human experience, it’s not an option to ignore this large part of what we have been graced with.  


What’s new, even in the most progressive healing circles, is the understanding that we can use our sexual energy, our very life force, to heal ourselves, body, mind and spirit.  It is this frontier that I am passionate about.  Far from the indulgent and hedonistic tendencies of sex, the uses of our sexual energy for healing ourselves and the planet call for immense courage and heart. Though the western culture has adopted tantra as its own, it is a ‘westernized’ version that views tantra like yoga or other healing modalities, something to ‘drop in’ on once in a while.  Yet a new understanding and deep connection to the constant pleasure-vehicle that you are, calls for commitment.


I am inviting you to consider a brand new relationship with your sexual energy, your very life force.  I invite you to watch for it, listen to it, and learn to draw it up and through your whole body.  I invite you to consider that it has more to give you than any substance you have ever encountered.  I invite you to use it to heal yourself on all levels and illuminate the unseen power within.  I invite you to a new perspective on yourself and on our bodies that includes, “It’s possible I have no idea about this magical system I inhabit.”  “It’s possible I have light years of information to learn when it comes to what I am capable of.”


Although we can learn so much from the ancient Hindu and Taoist tantras and from ancient Egyptian wisdom of sex magik, and you may be drawn those teachings, I invite you for now…….to just this.  


New perspective.

New possibility.

Immense curiousity.

Deep listening.  


May your body and heart guide you to exactly those experiences for you to grow and learn and experience more.


Come away from the rushing current of the past.  

We need you.


A toast!  

To our ongoing emergence from the Old World!


May it be a fun and light-hearted exploration that grounds us into our very own sacred version of Truth.  A joyful journey that lights up parts of ourselves that we never knew existed.  A pleasure-filled path that involves deep connection and ever expanding expression of heart.


To you!


With love,




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