Understanding and working with spirits


When I was 29 I started hearing voices.  Ha, it makes me laugh now to think of how it freaked me out.  I was completing my Masters in Counselling Psych at the time.  I immediately thought, "I can't tell anyone about this" 


On this day when some people acknowledge spirits and ghosts and demons and ancestors, I'm journeying back to that time in my life and its purpose.  What was the purpose of hearing voices I wondered?  That first time the voice told me of a future event, set to happen in my life in 1 year.  The prediction was not something I wanted (as far as I knew at the time).  The voice told me of an end of the relationship I was in and a change in life direction.  That scared me big time.  I did my best to ignore it from that moment on.  The event went down 1 year later just as I had been told.  At that point, 1 year later, I was exactly ready and it was a pivotal positive change in my life.  This was the beginning of my trust in the guidance I receive.  


Fast forward many years and I have learned to interpret, question, block and open to information from helpful, loving guides for the amazing people I work with and for myself.  I am finally comfortable calling myself a clairaudient.  Yay!  owning up to who I am, what a relief, haha.   A few thoughts come up today that were really important for me to learn along my path of understanding spirit guides and working with them and I feel called to share.  


I naively believed that spirits were only "good" and once questioned my teacher about it.  She was clear and kind of shook her head at me the way an elder would to a young child with a silly question.  "When a being is not welcome you must clearly state your boundaries, you need to be in your power and say "No"."  That was the end of my lesson.  Sometime later however, I got to put those words into practice. 


Besides the one time I had to express a firm "No" to a dark energy, all the spirit guides or angels or beings who have spoken to me have been benevolent.  This is what I have been clear about.  I am only interested to ever hear from loving pure beings in alignment with God. 


I have heard from many who are interested in growing their own connections and understanding of our Universe.  I am too.  We live in a massive Multi-verse beyond what our minds can comprehend at this time.  All I know for sure about it is that it is a mystery beyond my understanding!   What I do know however, is my experience.   So from my 20+ years as a healer and more than a dozen years hearing voices from beyond I offer three tips for growing your connection with your own spirit guides and teachers.  


1.  Be clear about what you want and don't want


You can say when it's too much or overwhelming for you.  You can invite communication and develop the capacity to discern when your guides are giving you information.  If you are very open and overwhelmed with too much information or energy, it is very helpful to say, "I need  a break"  "No more communication right now" or whatever suits you.  


Many times when I have sat with someone for a session, communication from the guides has come too fast, too many voices at once.  This is exactly like 4 or 5 people talking at once.  Too much.  I learned to be very clear, "please speak to me one at a time"  or "tell me more", when I'm ready.  Similarly, in order to allow communication, for me, usually I have to set the tone and prepare for 5-20min. depending on the day and how busy the mind is.  I hear nothing if the mind is filled with thoughts.  I also hear nothing when I don't want to.  It would be totally overwhelming to walk around hearing peoples thoughts and hearing voices from beyond at all times.  I would go crazy.  


Clarity and boundaries are powerful.  


2.  Understand your own voice before you invite others.


My teacher Mada said something similar to me those years ago when I told her about hearing voices.  "You need to understand your own voice so you can tell the difference." 


After 30 years of meditating, I now well understand my beliefs, history, tendencies and habits, inside and out.  I can make up anything in the mind just as you can.  This is why psychics are prone to error, the individual mind can come in.  Error doesn't mean that they are not seeing or hearing however, it means that the channel isn't perfectly clear, (which is human) or that their mind popped in some association that may have been their own.  It is like any skill, it can be honed and chiseled over time.  The amount of practice greatly influences ability.  Also, psychics have various specialties, some see more, some focus on talking to dead people, some hear more, others focus on the future, etc.  


The purpose of my clairaudience and clairvoyance is for growth.  When it can help me or someone else grow beyond an outdated or harmful idea or pattern, then it's useful.  Life doesn't show me images or future or past for my "entertainment value" anymore because I don't ask and it's not helpful.  Futures can change and aren't ever 100% guaranteed.  Future tendencies and likelihoods can be easily picked up though and are sometimes helpful to a person.  


Practice brings results.  


3.  Your guides are there to assist you.


Every soul has a group that is there to assist their journey this life.  They do not impose upon you and you always have free will.  Every person has had some experience like this,... you have a sense not to do something or to do something but then you make your own choice.  If you do want more assistance from your spirit helpers then ask.  They can be asked for anything at all in your life,  "Please guide me to the right healer for this"  I have certainly asked this in relation to the cancer.   "Help me to take action on what is best for this body at this time."  "Please bring me the friends that I need right now."  "Please guide me to exactly the foods and healing herbs or supplements that I need right now".  I have also asked for Joshua.  "Please guide me to any information that would most help him right now."  There is no end to the ways they can help.  "Please bring me the clients that are perfectly suited to me and have amazing healing experiences from our work together."  "Please remind me to be grateful and pray and take time for myself.  Just make it happen please."  "Please bring me the perfect coach and guide in business right now."  


All these things I have asked and have been answered.  I speak to my guides regularly.   For some there is no need to differentiate between prayer to God or to guides, others feel more comfortable talking to a saint or Jesus or Mary or any aspect of the Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine.  To me, it matters not if we are honoring our heart and finding what feels aligned for us at any given time. 


You are loved and supported.  


To your loving, connected life my friend,