How to talk to kids about sex and porn

A seminar for parents, educators and community members

In this 1 hr. seminar, Alexandra offers fresh information, inspiration and a call to action for parents, educators and all community members who love children and want to make an impact on our future. 


As a psychological development and emotional intelligence expert, she links presents communication tools to the science and brain development in children and teens.   As an speaker with two decades of experience as a therapist, she candidly addresses the barriers we come up against in discussions of sex and sexuality and offers simple solutions.  As a former child advocate, support worker for sexually exploited youth and counsellor for couples, Alexandra speaks to the the psychological risks of porn and sparks new thought and ideas related to sex, connection and human potential. 


Accompanying her story-telling and recent research, Alexandra's down-to-earth and light-hearted style remind us of the gift, humor and responsibility in being human.

Sex, Love and Longing

As a candid sex-educator and sexual empowerment mentor, Alexandra inspires the audience to unplug from the status quo and consider radically new ways of thinking about sex, love and relationships.  

In this 90 min. interactive talk Sex, Love and Longing, she combines her passion as a mother, educator and community mentor with the latest research in Sex Ed, Sexology and Emotional, Somatic and Heart Intelligence.  Armed with knowledge, we become empowered to choose actions that align our bodies, brains and hearts.  Addressing sex, pornography, hyper-sexualization and personal honor, Sex, Love and Longing is dedicated to inspiring a movement of awareness and action, provoking critical thinking and initiating discussion.


“Alexandra brings light to the dark places we as women have been shamed and shunned from talking about.   

Thank you for sharing fearlessly Alexandra!”


“Loved it. Very conversational. Very engaging.”  

“This talk gave me practical, powerful exercises.  I feel more engaged with my power and pleasure.”

Hillary Samson

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The Yoga of Sacred Sex

A refreshingly raw and down to earth opportunity to gain teachings from tantra traditions, meditation, yoga, psychology and neuroscience. 

In this soul-inspiring talk and workshop, Alexandra facilitates discussion while linking ancient teachings to modern relationships and the inter-play of the yin/yang dynamic within.  Through specific, practical exercises she illustrates how we can free ourselves from old ideas, train the senses toward heightened pleasure and deepen our understanding, joy and orgasmic potential in relationships.

The Yoga of Sacred Sex promises to stimulate critical thinking, challenge us to unplug from the status quo and promote action.

Anyone interested to enhance connection with their partner, improve their dating and sex life or deepen their relationship to their own sexuality won't want to miss.

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Vagina Talks

As an psychological educator, healer and sexual empowerment mentor, Alexandra inspires women to reflect on the impact of psycho-social-cultural history on their bodies and our present day internal freedom.  She urges the audience toward radical new understanding of somatic intelligence and the possibilities in sex, love and relationships.  


This presentation is offered as a 1 hr. talk or a 2-3 hour workshop involving discussion and practical exercises.  The mission is to assist women in deepen their connection with their bodies and consider what honor of their womb and history may look like.  Alexandra offers eye-opening perspectives on womanhood and simple, usable tools to move beyond limiting beliefs and patterns that keep us as humans from expressing our sacred power and joy in the world.

“It was heartfelt and fresh.  I felt she understood and was invested in helping me understand and own my power.  

Overall very encouraging and illuminating experience.”


“I appreciated the welcoming and safe environment Alexandra created.  Hearing other women speak about their experiences was such a gift-it validated my own challenges and provided inspiration and hope.  I am more aware of other possible way to live and experience my own womanhood.”


“My key takeaway from this walk is fire and connection.  I feel awakened in my lower body.  Alexandra’s invitation to awareness around female body and vagina is very loving yet firm and direct.  I love the clarity of her energy.”


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Power Sisters Circles

A time for teen girls to voice what's up with their bodies and peer circles and share curiosities or concerns on their minds.  In this casual talk circle, Alexandra facilitates open discussion while addressing boundaries, safety and discernment.  

As a specialist in adolescent development, she validates girls experience of their developmental needs and informs them of teen hormones and brain changes and how this connects to action and choice. While encouraging girls to empower each other, Alexandra offers guidance on strengthening inner power during this pivotal life period.


Create your group of 4-12 girls for a 1.5hr group.


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"Working with Alexandra has by far been the most transformative experience in my personal and professional life. Our sessions continue to help me build the authentic life I have always dreamed of. With Alexandra’s unwavering support, I know there is no challenge that I cannot conquer and I am thankful every day for the woman she is helping me become"

Trish T