Tantric Healing & Intimacy Skills



Access Alexandra's decades of psychological expertise, sexual development and tantric knowledge to learn why you do what you do in relationship and sex!

  • Learn tantric skills to lengthen and enhance sexual pleasure and connection

  • Manage social and sexual anxiety

  • Understand & address aggressive images or behavior in relationship

  • Reduce or eliminate porn addiction

  • Understand & address pre-mature ejaculation

  • Gain skills to enhance your ability to build intimacy, confidence and connection in all relationships

  • Learn tantric skills to use with your spouse or lover(s)

  • Have opportunity to practice non-sexual tantra with a compassionate and teacher in a safe and boundaried context

  • Get educated about sexual potential and expand your repetoire as a lover

  • Receive customized guidance which acknowledges and honors your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self

  • Deepen your current relationship or prepare for future love

  • Become the lover, man and partner you want to be!

Potential candidates must email their interest and complete an application to pursue this work.  If you are accepted as a potential candidate, a 15 min. phone consult is booked to address questions and clarify intentions and expectations. 

Each session you will have 2-4 specific exercises to follow through on.  These are to be completed or practiced before second appointment.  This may include written work, meditation, breath practice, specific practices in touch, self-pleasuring or love-making with a partner.  These can also include mental or emotional clearing exercises or specific actions for behavioral change and healing.


1-1 sessions in Vancouver or by phone or video for those around the globe. 

Couples appointments available when appropriate after individual work. 

**All tantric teachings are non-sexual.  This work is for creating your desired change in your sex life.**

$150 30 min.  Available by phone only.

Full session

$300 60-75min.  In person or phone.

Package pricing available. 

Sessions are pre-paid by e-transfer or credit card here. 

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"Working with Alexandra has by far been the most transformative experience in my personal and professional life. Our sessions continue to help me build the authentic life I have always dreamed of. With Alexandra’s unwavering support, I know there is no challenge that I cannot conquer and I am thankful every day for the woman she is helping me become"

Trish T