Welcome!  I'm Alexandra.  
 I am a multi-passionate educator, speaker and healer.  My career began early as a teacher and counsellor and moved into healing after I realized I was clairaudient and clairvoyant.  
I have 10,000+ hours of experience in 1-1 sessions as a counsellor.  I have 12, 000+ hours in facilitation and education.  I have big vision and big love for this planet and its people.
How it began:
Born and raised in a small prairie town, I dreamed of moving to the big city.  In an attempt to find direction as a lost and angry adolescent, I committed myself to being an ear and a voice for other emerging adults.  Then I applied to college to study psychology.
As I began to study, I didn't have a clue about what it meant to be a woman or an adult.  I had observed women as caretakers, mothers, teachers or sex objects.  I had observed adults as stressed and generally unhappy. 
I dove deep into my studies while trying to ignore my lack of direction and deal with insecurity, anxiety and anger.  The passion to learn psychology was fueled by a desire to know, "Why are people so unhappy?"  I was deeply saddened and angry about lack of women's voice, sexual exploitation, the way humans treated each other and the pain and suffering I observed in the world.  
The question drove me.  After receiving a Masters degree, I still didn't know the answer.  I immersed myself in another 8 years of study with a modern mystic where I learned how suffering is created, how to take responsibility for it and change it,....fast.  I loved her teachings and incorporated them into my daily life and work.  I carry an ever-present deep bow to Mada Dalian.  I continue to learn from her today.
My daily investigation into the workings of the body, emotions, thoughts and soul informed my work, and deepened wisdom and psychic vision.  Spanning two decades, my career experience started with counselling sexually exploited youth and teen sex offenders and moved to counselling and facilitating groups with hundreds of youth and adults related to addictions, anger management, relationships and physical, emotional and sexual trauma.  I taught yoga for 10 years and have a consistent practice.  I continue to teach meditation after a 20+ year practice.  One of my other joys has been teaching counselling skills, emotional and somatic intelligence and child, adolescent and adult development at a private college.
Currently, my passion is to speak about sex, love and Spirit.  I also speak about heart intelligence, emotional intelligence and body-mind integration.  I speak to groups about breast cancer and its teachings and developing the inner authority to make the choices that are right for you.  
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With my love for your passionate, loving life. 
Other details: My experience includes a Masters in Counselling Psychology, 20+ years of experience as post-secondary instructor, therapist and coach, yoga and meditation instructor.  
Individual Sessions: I use inner vision and clairaudience with Eastern mind-body approaches and Western psychological and somatic methods to guide and mentor.  The results are heightened self-understanding, self-recognition and self-decisive action.  Drawing upon long-developed expertise in the psyche, I guide clients by combining psychic and psychological insight with the ability to see solutions with laser-like clarity.  From a session you walk away with 2-3 skill practices to integrate within your life.  Sessions are booked in packages of 3, 6 and 9.  
A brief overview of what to expect in a session is described in the video below. 



Alexandra's style is the perfect balance of feminine compassion with practical insight and tools, that together, fuel transformation.


She empowered me to see my challenges from new perspectives while honouring the feelings that were holding me back.  It was just what I needed to heal and overcome a huge block I'm my life. 

Ursula Lipsztajn

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"Working with Alexandra has by far been the most transformative experience in my personal and professional life. Our sessions continue to help me build the authentic life I have always dreamed of. With Alexandra’s unwavering support, I know there is no challenge that I cannot conquer and I am thankful every day for the woman she is helping me become"

Trish T